Arezzo full day tour

Duration: 6 ore

From: 240.00€

The city of Arezzo, a treasure trove of churches and artistic masterworks,  is one of the most elegant cities in Tuscany.  The tour begins in the Church of San Domenico with its marvelous painted crucifix by Cimabue, and then continues with the Cathedral, an extraordinary example of Gothic architecture bejeweled by stained-glass windows created by the French master  Guillame  de Marcillat.

We then visit the Pieve of Santa Maria, noted for its central portal decorated with the Cycle of the Months which still features its original paint from the Medieval period. Arriving in the heart of the city we will admire Piazza Grande, theater  to the city’s most important local events, such as the Saracino joust and the Antiques Fair. The square was also the one of the film sets for Roberto Benigni’s award winning film “Life is Beautiful”. 

After a pause for lunch, the tour continues  with a visit to the Basilica of San Francesco which houses the cycle of frescoes  painted by the great Piero Della Francesco “The Legend of the True Cross”. The visit concludes with the “Badia” or Abbey of Santa Flore and Lucilla, a church which features important works by Arezzo’s most illustrious citizen, Giorgio Vasari.


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