Secret Cortona

Duration: 2 ore

From: 95.00€

The tour begins with Piazza della Republica and its fine palaces, with particular attention to historic curiosities and stories. We continue the visit with the Church of San Francesco, designed by Brother Elias Coppi and the Church of Sant’Antonio Abate which features a nearby ancient cistern dating from Roman times. The tour proceeds to Palazzo Cerulli-Diligenti, interesting for the presence of an ancient Etruscan wall in its interior, probably the site of a sacred spring and reused as a refuge during the Second World War.  We then arrive in Piazza Signorelli where we will see the Signorelli Theater, a nineteenth century architectural masterpiece and the center for Cortona’s cultural events then walking until we arrive at Piazza del Duomo, marked by its view of Cortona’s monumental cemetery  and sacred and profane legends.  The last leg of our tour includes the famous Vicolo Iannelli (with its typical Medieval houses which are still in use) Porta Bifora (the only remaining Etruscan gate, tied to important political and historic events) and the Church of San Benedetto, an interesting example of Baroque architecture. The tour concludes at the workshop of the Del Brenna goldsmiths with a delightful glass of Prosecco, sparkling with gold and silver leaf. 


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