On the trail of St. Francis in Casentino..and more!

Duration: 6 ore

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Saint Francis is at the heart of this spiritual itinerary which includes two of the most important sites associated with the saint’s life in Italy. You’ll meet your guide in Chiusi Della Verna, where, in an enchanting and pristine landscape, stands the Sanctuary of La Verna. This is one of the most important Franciscan communities in Italy and, more importantly, the site where Francis received the holy stigmata in 1224.  The vast Sanctuary, is rich in inspiring spots, from the Sasso Spicco – the enormous rock where St. Francis prayed – to the Basilica Maggiore and the Corridor of the Stigmata. As part of the tour we’ll see many Renaissance works in ceramic by the Della Robbia family which are housed in the churches and a museum with objects linked to the history and daily life of the monastery.  

The tour continues to the Sanctuary of Santa Maria Del Sasso near Bibbiena, constructed following a miraculous event: the appearance of the Holy Virgin in 1347 on top of a large boulder (this rock mass is still present inside the sanctuary and gives rise to the name, literally “Saint Mary of the Rock”).  Our visit will be focusing on the numerous works of art, largely from the sixteenth century, which are housed here.


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