Castles and spiritual sites of the Casentino

Duration: 6 ore

From: 240.00€

Our tour begins from Poppi – in Casentino – a small hamlet famous for the presence of the Castle of the Guidi Counts, a powerful land holding family here in the Middle Ages. A visit to the castle where, among others, the divine Dante Alighieri sojourned, and then to the seventeenth century Chiesa Del Morbo and the beautiful Abbey of San Fedele.  From Poppi we continue on to Camaldoli, a spiritual site completely immersed in the Casentine forest.  We’ll begin our tour at the Hermitage of the Camaldoli, founded in 1012 by Saint Romualdo, whose small cell we can see along with the Baroque church with its notable artworks. Moving on to the monastery, we’ll visit the cloisters and the church dedicated to Saints Donatus and Ilarian which houses works by the great Aretine master Giorgio Vasari. The tour concludes with a visit to the celebrated, antique Pharmacy, where it is possible to purchase both medicinal and beauty products produced by the knowledgable Camaldolese monks.


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