A full day tour to discover the masterpieces of Piero della Francesca in his native city

Duration: 6 ore

From: 240.00€

This itinerary is dedicated entirely to the discovery of the works of the great artist Piero Della Francesca in the province of Arezzo. The tour begins in the town of Sansepolcro, the artist’s native city and where it is still possible today to admire the house where he was born.  This is followed by a visit to the Museo Civico, which still houses several of the most important works of the artist, including his famous “Resurrection”, which has become an emblem and symbol of the city.  Our visit continues in the nearby village of Monterchi, where a celebrated image of the “Madonna del Parto” is housed, one of the most interesting and admired representations of maternity of all time. To conclude the tour, we will continue on to the city of Arezzo where the Cathedral houses an extraordinary fresco of “Mary Magdalene” and to the Basilica of San Francesco where it is possible to admire the amazing pictorial cycle of the “Legend of the True Cross”, universally held to be the master work of this great Renaissance painter


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