Classic Tour of Anghiari

Duration: 3 ore

From: 120.00€

Anghiari  is a charming Medieval  town on a site dominating the Upper Tiber Valley.  The tour of the city begins from the upper part of the historic center with a visit to Piazza Del Comune and includes a visit to the Church of the Badia founded in 1104-1105 by the Camaldolese Order but reworked in the fifteenth century. The Church features an important work by the renowned sculptor Tino Di Camaino of a Madonna and Child . We will also see the Church of San Agostino, the origins of which are tied to the visit in the city of Thomas Becket in the twelfth century and  Palazzo Pretorio, with numerous frescoes and coats-of-arms in terracotta and stone belonging to the town magistrates and vicars of Anghiari. The tour then continues with a visit to the Museo Statale di Palazzo Taglieschi which houses several notable works, including a beautiful “Madonna” by  Jacopo della Quercia. Our visit to the Palazzo Della Battaglia is also very interesting and encompasses the Museum of the Memory and Landscape of Anghiari. The itinerary here begins by following a chronology of prehistoric artifacts and archeological pieces from the Roman period and continues narrating the story of the Catorcio di Anghiari,  the famous Battle of Anghiari – at one time painted by Leonardo da Vinci – and then concludes with a collection of ancient firearms produced in Anghiari.  Just outside the town, at the foot of the hill where the town sits, we find the very ancient church of Santo Stefano dating from the 7th to 8th centuries where the architecture reflects a Ravenna-Byzantine influence.  It is also possible, on request,  to visit the famous Busatti textile factory which has operated since the mid-nineteenth century producing  home decoration fabrics using high quality fibers.


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