Sansepolcro Art, History and Religion

Duration: Durata della visita: 2,30 h

From: 120.00€

The itinerary in Sansepolcro begins with the introduction of its most famous citizen, the master of light and perspective, Piero Della Francesca, born in this city in the 15th century. We start with his house (the exterior) and then continue with the main churches of the city, including the Cathedral with its “Volto Santo”, an object of devotional importance, and the Church of San Lorenzo with Rosso Fiorentino’s “Deposition”, and extraordinary work of Mannerist art.  We’ll then go to the characteristic Church of San Rocco and the Church of Santa Maria Della Grazie, which houses a miraculous Marian image.  The tour continues with the civic palaces – Palazzo Pretorio and Palazzo Delle Laudi - and concludes in Piazza Torre Di Berta, the inspiring backdrop to the famous Palio Della Balestra.


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